Neil Logan is the head-artist and shop owner here at Traditions. He generally has a bit of a wait for new projects. Neil started out as a fine-artist, and loves applying his that knowledge and experience to tattooing. He started off tattooing as a strictly American Traditional artist, but later discovered how much he also enjoys Blackwork/Illustrative tattooing. Due to his exceptional line work he takes on a lot intricate fine-line projects as well as minimalist designs. 

His major in art was always centered around portraits and the human figure, so any time he gets to work on projects that include a reference to faces, hands or the human body he geeks out on it. He also loves floral work and animal designs. Most describe his work as having a vintage feel to it. Neil is currently focusing on blackwork or black and grey tattoos over color ones.

Below is some of his latest work off his Instagram feed.