Traditions Tattoo Company -- Client Expectations

Thank you for your interest in wanting to get a tattoo from us. We appreciate all of our clients. Your artist will do everything they can to make sure that they are ready for your appointment, and able to give you the best tattoo they possibly can. Here though is a brief list of what we expect from you as a client, that will help make sure that together we keep things safe, clean, and professional here at the shop.

We do not tattoo under the age of 18, even with parental consent.

We do not pierce here. We just tattoo.

We do not charge additional fees for custom art/design.

Please remember that all deposits are non-refundable. You can reschedule your appointment within a weeks notice without losing your deposit.

The shop minimum for a tattoo is 100.00 and the shop minimum for a deposit is 100.00, but can be greater depending on the project or artist.


Each artist has their own hourly rate. If you are concerned about how much a tattoo will cost make sure you ask what their rate is and let them know what your budget is before you make your appointment.

All appointments, consults, quotes and deposits must be made in person at the shop -- unless coming from out of state (or more than a few hours away).

Your appointment date/time was set for the agreed upon tattoo at the time the appointment was set. Any changes to the design, size, or location will result in a new price and new appointment or losing your appointment and deposit if given in under a weeks notice, or if the change no longer fits in the time allotted.

We can't show artwork before the appointment -- To protect art from reproduction, maintain the integrity of the design, and give the artist time to prepare the artwork... client artwork can't be shown early, and will not be shared electronically. Demanding we show artwork early can result in losing your appointment/deposit.

"Touch-Ups" are done for free if scheduled within a month of the tattoo's completion. A touch-up is simply touching-up something that either healed poorly, faint, spotty or in error. 


Changes, additions or alterations to a tattoo that were not in the original design are not a "touch-up" and will require payment. Re-doing a tattoo due to aging, sun exposure, or improper care is not a "touch-up" and will require payment.

Due to COVID restrictions you are required to wear a face-mask while in the shop.


Due to COVID restrictions you can not bring a guest unless given previous permission, and minors may not enter the shop. If you were given permission to bring a guest they need stay in front, out of our work areas, and wear a mask. Pets are also not permitted in the shop.

Due to COVID restrictions you are expected to arrive no more than 10 mins early and no more than 10 mins late. If you are running late contact your artist to make sure they know your situation. Depending on how late you are running, and the work-load of the day, they may have to reschedule you, and you may lose your deposit.

You are expected to arrive sober from any drugs or alcohol, wearing clean clothing, and with a clean body to help with our aseptic procedures.

All cell-phones must be silenced when in the shop, and all calls must be taken outside. We suggest you bring headphones if needed. If you have been allowed a guest this applies to them as well.