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Please note that all of our artists are allowed to choose what projects they take on.

Each artist has certain styles th
ey only focus on, or set restrictions on size, time, price, etc that they need to consider. Here is a quick overview of each artist:

Neil Logan:
Neil does Blackwork tattooing, so no color tattoos. Neil won't do text tattoos, and he has a two hour minimum at 175.00 an hour. So you need to book him for 2 hours or longer.

Dobys is 150/hr. He will do Blackwork or Color, and is currently liking to work on both Traditional and Illustrative tattoos.

Brooke Stone:
Brook is 150/hr. She likes Color and Blackwork. She tattoos in many styles but loves cute stuff and Anime the most.

Lauren is an apprentice here so her rates are lower at the moment compared to the others. She loves traditional tattooing but is also good at multiple styles.

Appointment Request Form

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Did you make sure that the artist you picked does your kind of tattoo and is in your price-range?

Below are links to how each artist can be best contacted directly as well:

For Dobsy - Email:

For Brooke - Email: 

For Lauren - Email:

For Neil Logan - Email:

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