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Our team of highly skilled and passionate tattoo artists are dedicated to turning your ideas into a piece of art that you'll be proud to have. Each artist at Traditions Tattoo Company brings a unique style and perspective, ensuring a diverse range of tattooing options for our clients. From traditional to fine line, black and grey to vivid colors, we've got the talent to bring your vision to reality.

Please note that all of our artists are allowed to choose what projects they take on.

Each artist has certain styles th
ey only focus on, or set restrictions on size, time, price, etc that they need to consider. Here is a quick overview of each artist:

Neil Logan:
Neil does Blackwork tattooing (so no color). He is $175/hr. He primarily wants to focus on tattos related to organic subject matter... such as flora , fauna, and human faces/bodies. He has a 2-hour appointment cost minimum. Neil tattoos by appointment only, and always requires a consult to make an appointment. Phone consults are possible for those out-of-state. You can email him directly to ask for a consult at

Current rate is $170/hr. Dobsy will do Blackwork or Color, and is currently booking both Traditional and Illustrative tattoos.

Brooke Stone:
Current rate is $175/hr. She likes Color and Blackwork. She tattoos in many styles but loves cute stuff and Anime the most.


Paul's current rate is $150/hr and likes illustrative and fine line styles.

Current rate is $100/hr. Iridian likes to do dot work, illustrative and handpoke style tattoos.


Current rate is $80/hr and likes traditional and illustrative tattoos.

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